Stephanie Christine

Stephanie Christine, a vanguard in the sovereignty movement, invites you to delve into the realms of health, wellness, and personal transformation. As a leading figure in advocating for a life free from toxicity, Stephanie’s expertise encompasses nutritional science, consumer economics, and the healing art of Shiatsu massage therapy.

Expertise: Certified Shiatsu Massage Therapist with a rich background in nutritional science.

Impact: Guiding thousands towards optimal health and wellness through ROOT Brands.

Philosophy: A unique blend of heart-centered and science-backed approaches.

Vision: Empowering individuals to reclaim their sovereignty and embrace their untapped potential.

For Podcast Hosts & Virtual Summit Organizers

Stephanie Christine’s insights are not just thoughts but transformative experiences. Her participation in your podcast or summit can offer your audience:

Enlightening Perspectives: On detoxification, health, and inner peace.

Engaging Stories: Real-life experiences of guiding people towards holistic well-being.

Practical Advice: Combining scientific knowledge and holistic practices.

Community Building: Engaging discussions that foster a sense of togetherness.


Stephanie Christine is leading a sovereignty movement that gives people the choice to free themselves from toxicity, uncover their optimal health and live with greater inner peace and calm. She shows people the way forward with heart-centered and science-backed content, alongside a complimentary product line through The Root Brands. Her intention is to help her market create a life fueled by self-responsibility, inner freedom and untapped potential.


Stephanie Christine is a certified Shiatsu Massage Therapist, with a professional background in nutritional science and consumer economics. Over the past 3+ years she has guided thousands of customers through their personal health journey using The Root Brands line of products. This ground-breaking company has gathered knowledge around the toxic burden in our environment, and created solutions to remedy and prevent disease and conditions that diminish quality of life and shorten lives. Their products drive health from the inside out.

Stephanie's Vision

My vision is to help people tap back into their sovereignty through an understanding of the world we live in and how to live naturally in a modern environment.

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“My strong interest in human potential, the laws of the universe and the smaller and larger secrets of our being is so interesting. Connecting the dots to support making changes and shifts in our world motivates my work.”
Stephanie Christine

What customers say

"Wow! So inspiring and touching and encouraging. So wonderful. Thank you so so much! <3"


"Wow, wow, wow. Omg you nailed it! Now I'm crying with relief. You are amazing and right now I so appreciate your clarity! Thank you - many, many thanks ✨"


"I am grateful for the opportunity to come closer to myself and to step out with my greatness and calling. With the guys, I know I am in the right place, and what really appeals to me is this humanity and the feeling that I am being picked up right where I am facing blockages. I like how two components come together: The spiritual and the practical!"


"Without you, the congress 'My Grief' probably wouldn't have come into the world to reach people, or it would have come much, much later, and incredible many connections with wonderful people would not have happened for me."


"Authentic. Real. Professional."


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